Friday, November 6, 2009

New Blog!

Time for a change, and a URL that fits better with my actual portfolio. And, with a new season, time for some personal changes, so expect to see a much better discipline in keeping this blog up to date. Taking the opportunity to just sort of push the old one away, and start something fresh, has that wonderful "spring cleaning" sort of feel to it.

So, a few important updates:

Status of the SIREN comic anthology : Awesome! We sold out of what we had with us at this year's A.P.E., and will coming to more conventions near YOU! (provided you're within the SF Bay Area for Wonder Con, or are attending Emerald City in Seattle next year). But in the meantime, head over to the website, and order your copy so you don't have to wait so long! We'll all even sign it, and shipping's free. Patting ourselves on the back, I have to say it's a beautiful book, the printing is such wonderful quality, and it's a hefty hardcover for your collection.

Status of my own projects : Getting there! Been working on laying out a dummy copy of The Angry Winter, so hopefully we'll start seeing some updates from that real soon, I'm on a roll with getting the story pulled together.

And, here's a piece of in-progress work that I'm just starting into, titled "Gift".


  1. Thanks Daniel, now if I can find time to work on it again, we'll be in business.